With more than 75 color photographs, illustrations, and tables, the 208 page book serves as a useful tool for planning, cultivation, and harvesting based on important aspects of science and agriculture for growing a premium cannabis crop.

The Art of Growing Premium Cannabis

SKU: 978-0-692-93858-4
  • Growing an artisan product is the direction for many cannabis farmers looking for a rewarding niche and promising future in the world of legal marijuana cultivation. This book begins with steps for planning, then selecting a cultivation method and executing with protocols of sustained agriculture for a safe and worthy crop of craft cannabis.


    Author and horticulturist, R.K. Bernhardt, details the way to farming success with a focus on pursuing a premium result with intelligence and a passion for achieving only the best quality crop. As an experienced grower with more than twenty years of experience in cannabis agriculture and consultant to others in medical marijuana farming and production, R.K. delivers the knowledge of tried and true experience for the benefit of any size cultivator, personal or commercial.


    “I want marijuana farmers to learn what I wish I knew when I started, then combine it with the latest in technology and methods, so they may achieve huge success cultivating this most amazing member of the plant kingdom.”

    -R.K. Bernhardt



    •Information applicable to any size farm or project

    •Useful guide for indoor, greenhouse or outside cultivation

    •Identifies agricultural concepts best suited for growing cannabis

    •Data for climate control and irrigation management

    •Safe and environmentally prudent techniques for sustained farming

    •Product comparisons for media, supplies and cultivation equipment, with sourcing

    •Business and operational topics for successful farm management

    •Supports industry; growers, distributors, and sellers


    208 pages; color photos, illustrations, resources, and more.

    ISBN: 978-0-692-93858-4 [Paperback]