If you are like most growers, there are times when you may need to save seed without easy access to a good way or the correct supplies. It may be from purchasing more seeds than you plant, from samples you get at trade shows, gifts from friends, or seed from your own breeding program. This kit has everything you need to store up to 1,000 cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Seed Saver Kit

SKU: 74-L
  • Cannabis seeds intended for crop production require proper storage for best germination results and subsequent plant vigor. This kit provides the needed protection from vermin and damaging light exposure, with screw-top plastic lab vials for safe containment and easy inspection of up to four strains of seed per kit.


    •Metal box with hinged lid conveniently and safely stores lab tubes away from light

    •Four, 5 mL Eppendorf® tubes with screw-caps hold about 250 seeds each (1,000 per kit)

    •Avery® removable labels and index card for tube identification

    •Instructions and tips for cannabis seed storage

    •Reusable, recyclable


    4.25 in. X 3.125 in. X 1 in.


    For Adult Use. Contents not for packaging to sell, or for the commercial distribution of cannabis seeds. Product contains no cannabis seeds or cannabis goods. Check local laws and regulations for any rules about cannabis seeds that may apply.