Like a good specialty tool for horticulture, here is a set of charts our clients rely on for accuracy and efficiency. Forget the guesswork or scribbles and notes with this convenient way to keep useful information for growing cannabis readily available. Perfect for hanging or mounting on the wall in a greenhouse, grow room, or lab, or easy to place anywhere you need quick data for planning, growing, and harvesting a good crop, these two charts provide useful criteria for any serious medical marijuana farmer.

Cannabis Cultivation Reference Charts

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  • You will find yourself going to these cultivation reference charts often and may decide to hang them in your office, lab or grow room.


    Chart A is formulas and conversion equations essential for measuring materials and fluids like nutrients and sprays used in medical cannabis cultivation. Conversion measurement categories are for liquid, dry volume, linear, weight, area, and temperature. The included capacity measurements for containers and fabric pots are helpful for operational planning and estimating, while yield formulas offer a method to assist in determining and evaluating production results.


    Chart B shows optimal targets and best conditions of factors that influence growth and maturation of most cannabis strains with proper harvest and storage conditions of the seed and flowers. Compensating for the variables that occur in cultivation, the tables offer benchmark guides that are adaptable in various indoor, greenhouse and outdoor cultivation projects.


    • Two (2) Charts, single sided and printed on card stock

    • Laminated

    • 9 inches by 11.5 inches, each