Growing Cannabis in Tents

Create the ultimate environment for growing cannabis indoors using horticultural tents and Specialized Equipment.

Healthy young cannabis plants in white containers within a large grow tent.

The wide selection of horticultural tents means growers have a solution for every budget and need in cannabis cultivation. Multiple size options and price ranges include multi-chamber tents, propagation tents for seedlings, and clones, along with a host of accessories for maximum control and accuracy.

“Now, any grower with some extra room can create a defined space for any number of plants and for various applications, from propagation to production, all with total control.”

Just as many advancements in horticulture help cannabis growers, the new product lines of tent manufacturers are a popular choice for both private and commercial growers.

Indoor Farming

The indoor cultivation of cannabis is an increasingly significant practice where regulations prohibit outdoor gardens, but also because of other factors like space availability or culture technique. Additionally, with advancements in supplies and equipment for indoor growing, some farmers choose indoor cultivation as a means of obtaining precise environmental controls not practical in an outdoor setting. Leading the list of useful components for inside growing is a wide selection of grow tents suitable for many applications.

A primary benefit for use of a grow tent placed within an enclosed indoor room is for the reduced and confined space necessary for climate adjustment and control. An exact climate is possible in a grow tent and more practical than maintaining it for an entire room. Lighting options includes low heat emitting LED’s, but other types are suitable with venting or cooling so consult your dealer for guidance. Tents also provide protection from pests and disease using filters and when disinfection and good hygiene are part of best practices in a cultivation project. Added benefits from grow tents are light proofing provided by the better-quality tents and odor control when using exhaust filters designed for it.

Maybe the best part for those considering a grow project using a tent is the flexibility offered in suitable applications, culture techniques, and substrates since nearly any combination will work. Plants can complete both vegetation and bloom cycles for flower production in a tent, but other uses include a controlled habitat for mother plants, or for propagation of seedlings and clones.


Lots of Choice

Once made only in basic, limited models, grow tents are now available in a wide array of types, sizes, and designs. Some offer multi-compartment functionality and some are ideal for clone production. There are variables in fabric weights and thicknesses, alongside a range of quality in the marketplace. Like many supplies in cannabis cultivation, always buy the best you can afford; the payoff in ease of use and durability over inexpensive models is worth it.

The first step in a grow tent selection process is to determine the maximum space available within an indoor setting. Ideally, since plants with substrates and water will equate to substantial weight, for larger size tents, choose a location with a concrete floor for best support. Grow tents typically have a flooding pool or spill tray to protect floors, but the risk of water damage from indoor growing is greater on wood, again making concrete a better floor choice. For grow tents designed for clones, strong and secure wire shelving works well. In all tents, suggested clearances for sides, and the roof assists in airflow around the tent and helps to minimize the risk of fires from overheating lights and a key part of determining available space required for use. Your dealer or the tent manufacturers will have the suggested measurements.

Another consideration when deciding on a tent location is the safe access and availability of electricity for lighting and climate control. Consult a licensed electrician for any advice regarding service use and for installation or extension of power sources if needed. A grow tent requires the exchange of air, so access to fresh air intake and for stale air exhaust may require the installation of vents or ports to the outside of a structure. While not an expensive proposition using ducting and flashing, it is part of the cost to set up a grow tent properly.

Grow tents come in several sizes, ranging from two (2) feet by two (2) feet to cultivate one (1) or two (2) plants all the way up to twelve (12) feet by twenty (20) feet to cultivate twenty-five (25) to thirty (30) plants. The listed plant quantities are estimations since container sizes must fit, and plant canopies vary greatly. Also, some growers prefer fewer plants that have room to grow larger than several plants in the same size space that end up smaller from less growing room. This may result from less light penetration and cultural habits of cannabis strains. An important dimension is the height, not only to accommodate the plants, but also you; stooping over to tend to plants is not convenient. After determining the best size (always choose a bigger one than you think you require now if possible) the next step is to find a manufacturer and model that suits your needs and budget. 

Features that you should look for in a grow tent include heavy-duty zippers, a strong frame and fabrics that are both durable and highly reflective. Ease of assembly is helpful, although most are not that difficult to put together; however, if portability is a requirement for your use, the easier the assembly the better. View windows and access door options finish off the key criteria for grow tent selection.

Tent Gear You Need For Growing Cannabis

• Thermometer

• Hygrometer

• Grow Lighting (For both vegetative and bloom spectrums)

• Heating (often not required because of lights)

• Cooling (external air source may be sufficient)

• Fan(s) for air circulation

• Fresh air intake (filtered)

• Stale air exhaust (odorized)

• Growing containers with substrate

• Hydroponic irrigation system (including pumps and filters)

• Water collection pan or tray

• Nutrients and safe pest control supplies

Accessorize for Maximum Benefit

To complete a grow tent setup beyond the lighting and climate controls, products specifically designed for tent use make cultivation easier and more efficient. Gear boards are an example of a useful add-on you should consider. Designed to remove floor items like fans, gear boards also function as a location for monitors, meters, or even temperature charts since you should avoid hanging anything on a tent wall, despite how small or lightweight. Grow racks specifically built for grow tents typically maximize horizontal space within the walls of certain sizes or shapes and are easily customizable.

Economically, your best value comes from purchasing grow tents in “packages” that include the required lighting, fans, temperature and humidity controls, hydroponic systems, etc. Some even include nutrient kits suitable to use in grow tents. Most dealers of grow tents offer no-cost consultation services to help you with purchasing decisions and can put together custom package deals that save you money over purchasing the components separately. For even more information, grow tent manufacturers provide details, photographs, and product comparisons on their web sites and some offer product videos to further assist you.

Leading grow tent makers include:

• Gorilla Grow®

• Vivosun®

• Melonfarm®

• High Rise®

• Secret Jardin®

With so many possible uses, cannabis growers of any size can benefit from the use of grow tents. A hobbyist or small farmer can easily place a grow tent into a garage or small warehouse for crop production and obtain and almost instant, highly controlled environment. The use of grow tents can serve a commercial farmer's production goals with incremental climate control according to plant age for growing crops, for propagating stock, or even temporary housing of plants at a trade show or retail store.

As progressive cultivators look for precision in techniques, a carefully chosen tent is yet another tool to produce medical cannabis. Take the time to investigate the potential adaptability to your operation for both the ability to control climatic conditions accurately and the affordability that complete systems can offer. In the pursuit of growing a top-shelf flower, grow tents give farmers of all sizes, options in space, location, and practical use.